We’ll be fine

I had a conversation with a friend recently about traveling with our dogs, their opinion being that the more you love your dog, the less willing you are to go on trips without them. That hit me in a tender spot because as much as I love my dog, I am really look-ing forward to our pending two-week break. Do I feel guilty? Perhaps a little.

My dog, Starr, is like having perpetual toddler in the house. She is a focal part of many of my daily routines. I believe if you take on the responsibility of having a dog, they are a priority. But I don’t think that means you shouldn’t ever travel without them.

Starr is such an important part of our lives and she is definitely one of the greatest stress relievers in existence. I know that some people become so anxious about leaving their pets that they stop traveling altogether. For me, that’s not desirable, but I sure do understand the emotion behind it.

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