We are all stewards

Provincial Crown lands are owned by the government on behalf of the province’s residents. These lands may be used for various purposes, including resource extraction, conservation, recreation, or development. However, governments can change their policies and priorities over time, which may impact the management and use of Crown lands.

In some cases, economic, social, or environmental factors may lead to discussions or debates about the use or disposition of Crown lands. Governments might consider different options, such as selling or leasing the lands, altering their management strategies, or designating them for specific purposes. However, any significant changes to the status or management of provincial Crown lands would typically involve public consultations, legislative processes, and adherence to legal frameworks.

When the Orono Forestry closed in 1996, 633 acres were retained as Crown lands owned by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNR). After the nursery’s closure MNR started to sell off parcels of the property to private individuals. Concerned that all the property would suffer the same fate, a number of locals interested in maintaining the property approached the MNR proposing to act as stewards. This led to the formation of the Orono Crown Lands Trust; a board consisting of volunteers who donated their time and effort to lay the foundation for the trust as we know it today.

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