Volunteerism: it’s good for you

Volunteers. The greatest asset of any community, is simply people who care. This is one asset our communities have in abundance. Great communities don’t just happen. They are created, nurtured and sustained by caring, connected and involved residents.

Without a doubt volunteers made a remarkable contribution throughout the pandemic. Organizations adapted and innovated to keep helping the community. Yet COVID-19 restrictions hit volunteering hard. Virtual volunteering was hard for some people and many seniors, long-time volunteers decided it was time to move on. It may be a while before volunteering ‘snaps back’ as restrictions are being lifted.

Volunteering is essential to the social and economic recovery of any area. Now that things are getting back to ‘near normal’, we are seeing our favourite community events returning and new ones being suggested – organizers will need volunteers during the planning stages and possibly more for event implementation.

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