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Defined as 3800 hectares on the east and west side of Bow-manville, Special Study Area 2 – Greenbelt Expansion has ignited conflicting opinion over whether Clarington should delete it from the Official Plan or keep it for the purpose of protecting prime agricultural land.

The Greenbelt is a permanently protected area of green space, farmland, forests, wetlands, and watersheds, located in Southern Ontario, Canada. In Clarington 80 per cent of our land is protect-ed by the Greenbelt.

Who owns the Greenbelt? Had to look this up – it’s mostly owned and managed by the National Capital Commission (NCC) – a federal crown corporation. The size of the Greenbelt (Golden Horseshoe), is a 7300 km² band of land that encompasses the rural and agricultural land surrounding the Greater Toronto Area and Niagara Peninsula, and parts of the Bruce Peninsula. This happened in 2005, under Premier Dalton McGuinty. The purpose of the Greenbelt is to preserve and protect the natural environment, fight climate change and put a limit on the development.

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