They’re off

And…here we go. As we head into campaigning for the June 2 provincial election, as of May 2 municipal candidates can file their nomination paperwork for the October 25 municipal election.

At press time the following have registered. Candidates running for the office of Mayor: Adrian Foster and KPR School Board Trustees: Cathy Abraham and Kyle Fehr. There is an advantage to declaring early, the campaign period begins when the clerk has received an individual’s nomination.

For some, municipal politics is to get experience – a steping stone to provincial or federal opportunities. For others, they want what is best for their community and feel they can be of service.

Indeed, it is early days, but the hot topics are: taxes; high speed internet to rural areas; taxes; affordable housing; taxes; services for seniors; taxes; jobs; taxes; transit – Durham Region and GO; taxes; balancing growth while keeping our small-town feel; environmental protection and rezoning; on farm diversified uses – all very important, and taxes.

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