The plan

In the realm of municipal governance, where decisions shape the fabric of our communities, one crucial document often sits quietly on the shelf: the Strategic Plan. This blueprint, crafted through collaboration between policymakers and stakeholders – yes this includes us, outlines the vision, goals, and strategies guiding a municipality’s growth and development. But do residents take the time to peruse its contents? The Strategic Plan is not just a bureaucratic obligation—it’s a cornerstone of responsible governance and community stewardship.

Clarington’s 2024-27 Strategic Plan is available on the municipality’s website. It’s not onerous, only 32 pages. When trying to understand the thought processes behind what the municipality does it may be helpful to know their Vision for 2024-27: A connected, dynamic and welcoming community, focused on the future while respecting our past. And their Mission: To enhance the quality of life in our community.

Their Vision and Mission then guides three priorities: Lead, Connect and Grow Responsibly. Each with its own objective, expected results and actions. The strategic plan will guide council decisions and administrative actions through the next four years.

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