The countdown is on

I find myself in a peculiar position this week. My screen is blank, my mind is blanker, and the deadline loomed. I have two publications to go before I can embrace the sweet, liberating, sun-drenched bliss of a much-needed summer break.

This is an unprecedented crisis. But nothing seemed to spark that journalistic fire. Is it writer’s block? Editorial fatigue? Summer brain setting in a tad early? Perhaps a cocktail of all three, garnished with a dash of sheer exhaustion.

Let’s talk about that summer break for a moment. I’ve been dreaming of it since the first flowers peeked out. Two more issues, I keep telling myself. Two more issues, and I can finally swap the camera for sunglasses, the notepad for a novel, and the incessant ding of incoming emails for the soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore.

But first, this editorial.

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