Spirit of service

As I reflect on the events of the past week in Kendal, I am reminded once again of the deep sense of community that permeates our small hamlets, villages and towns. I attended three significant events that epitomize the essence of our community: the annual BBQ fundraiser for the Kendal Community Centre, the annual general meeting of the Durham County Farmers’ Co-op, and the Kendal Lions 20th Charter Anniversary. Each of these events underscored the vital role that these organizations play in our community, and it’s clear to me that supporting them is essential for our continued well-being and growth.

The community fundraiser for the Kendal Community Centre is always heartwarming. The centre provides space for various activities, events, and gatherings bringing people together. In addition to the money raised at this year’s Kendal Country Fest, the BBQ fundraiser raised the funds needed to maintain and improve the facilities, ensuring it remains a vibrant hub for all residents.

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