Rudolph revisited

This past Saturday, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, a 58-year-old classic, was on TV. In recent years, cancel culture screamed ‘political correctness’ demanding a boycott against dear Rudolph.

It had been a while, so I watched it.

Everyone is familiar with the simple plot: Rudolph is mocked and cast away by most of his peers when they discover his glowing red nose. Even though he was treated this way Rudolph ultimately returns to save the day, using his glimmering nose to guide Santa through a winter storm.

Yukon Cornelius carries a gun and a knife throughout the episode. While one might think that the gun (and probably the knife) are poor choices for a children’s television special, I was left wondering why Yukon Cornelius doesn’t simply shoot the Abominable Snow Monster that is about to devour his friends.

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