Print rules!

It truly is a sad day when a community newspaper shutters. It has been a growing concern over the last two decades. Sure, eliminating print editions and opting to go strictly digital is one way to stay afloat – but not only does that dismiss a huge chunk of your readership, it can’t stay ‘free’ for long. Soon paywalls will creep in because nothing is free, there are still bills to be paid.

The closure of a newspaper is seen as a loss to the community and is met with sadness. Am I concerned? Not really… well maybe a little. But only if some crazy bill is passed preventing me from printing. I love newsprint. I love the smell and the nostalgic sensory experience of turning the pages.

I present my case. Community print newspapers play a vital role in our society, fostering a sense of connection, engagement, and local identity that is difficult to replicate through digital media alone.

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