Orono Fair volunteer/sponsor dinner and AGM

Orono Fair Board president Shelby Dillion digs into the cake.

2019 Orono Fair Board from left to right: Mary Ann Found, Shelby Dillon, Brad Found, Elaine Dillon, Terry Matchett, Don Armstrong, Mat Stephenson, Irene Matchett, Kurtis Matchett, Sara Gilroy, Minne Wiersma and Alex Breen. Directors not in attendance at AGM are: Shelley Fice Trimble, Todd Graves, Keith Blenkinsop, Nick Exner and Deanna Porco.

The ‘Travelling Guides’, 2nd Bowmanville Girl Guides, assisted with the dinner, serving and cleaning up. Left to right: Bella Hoskin, Mackenzie Taylor, Tayja Beaumont and Emma Oosting The girls are busy fundraising for their next adventure.

Brad Found (left) and Orono Fair Board president Shelby Dillion present Ted and Beth Meszaros (center) with an award for their dedication and service to the Orono Agricultural Society.

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