On the eighth day…

Some weeks – I don’t even feel that they have occurred. Didn’t I just write an editorial? Admittedly, some weeks are easier than others. If it’s a very busy week, my editorial is the last thing I write.

Do you ever feel like you need a day between Sunday and Monday? I’m not talking about four-day work week – I mean an actual extra day. I sense some eye rolling – but, hear me out.

First of all – a three-day weekend would offer more flexibility. If we went to an eight-day week, we could have 45 three-day weekends a year. If you are like me and don’t work the traditional Monday to Friday 9-5 schedule, this would give you an extra day in the week to basically ‘book off’.

Remember how Sundays use to be? Well, maybe if you are over 40. I need one of these days.

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