News Flash: It snows in Canada

After the recent storms, reports have been lighting up the air waves about snow plow drivers being verbally harassed and their trucks vandalized. One person going as far as opening a plow door attempting to pull the driver out.

It’s winter, we live in Canada… it snows. Getting the streets cleared as soon as possible is their job. I don’t like the pile that fills in the bottom of my driveway, but it happens. We haven’t seen such a dump the first week of March in a long time. Patience people. Snow removal crews were on duty at 4 a.m. – it takes time. And they are required to take a break after 13 hours of work. Now before you say “they should have two-shifts!” Has anyone stopped to think… maybe there aren’t any snow plow drivers? It’s one thing to drive a pick-up truck with a plow attached – but those big a** plows, not an easy task.

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