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Newcastle is bursting with new talent

On Monday, July 22, 17 very talented young ladies filled the Newcastle Community Centre with music. It was the summer recital of Alexa Goldie’s Music Program, in Newcastle. (Back row L to R) Maeryn O’Brien (vocals/guitar), Hailey Osborne (vocals), Meghan Caroline (vocals), Sinead Cole (vocals), Danica Danielle (vocals), Alexa Goldie, Lyla Whelan (vocals), Zoe Cornish (vocals/piano), Emily Hayes (vocals/ukulele), Elliot Burns (ukulele). (Front row L to R) Sophie Mallette (piano), Ella Wilson (piano), Ryleigh Hunter (vocals), Abby O’Donoghue (piano), Sophie McBrearty (guitar), Sierra Schatalow (vocals), Lilah McCarthy (ukulele), Lexi McCarthy (vocals).

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