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Murder solved

On Saturday, February 22 the Newcastle Community Hall was transformed into one of the finest hotels in New Orleans as a fundraiser for the Newcastle United Church Hall Rennovation. Best selling author and hostess Louisanna Williams was found dead in her bathtub. Was it an accident or was it murder?? The ‘Motley Crew’ – standing from left to right: Paul Fray (Beau Monde), Moe Schroter (Louis Armsweak), Jim Bamford (Inspector Cluesnot), Marvin Stapleton (Rufus Reme), Rob Pascoe (Alligator Dundee). Front row left to right: Karen Nichol (Mia Cherie), Deb Campbell (Grace Fulle), Julie Cashin-Oster (Chef Simone Quatella) and Julie Kellman (Mama Carriba). The chef did it.

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