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March 8, 2023

‘The All Star Crew’ (L to R) is Avery, Max, Ben, Norah and Elle finished second in Saturday’s Snowcastles of Newcastle building competition. The kids decided that if they won first place that they would donate the prize money (half to the Hospice and half to the Terry Fox Foundation). Meg Vandenbrink, mom of Avery and Norah, told the Times, “there were so many amazing castles, even though they came in second the kids were really excited. They were only disappointed to not be able to donate the winnings. Someone in the community (wanting to remain anonymous) was chatting with us during the day and knew of the kid’s intention to donate the winnings. On Saturday night ‘The All Star Crew’ got word that this individual donated $500 to the team, so the kids could still make their donations to both foundations. If this wasn’t amazing enough, a second person has donated another $500 to the team. So, they now have $500 to donate to both foundations. We are so thankful to live in such a wonderful and caring community!”

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