Looking for a hug?

Although the pandemic has unleashed a catastrophe of epic proportions, mid the global upheaval and sufferings several good things have emerged – a silver-lining as they say.

We’re realizing how important community is and doubling-down on investing in it. We’re deepening our appreciation for the people—the teachers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, grocery store workers, garbage collectors, bus drivers, janitors, and more—who are the foundation of our society and keep us well in body and mind. We’re realizing that we can do things that seemed impossible and we can make sacrifices for the greater good.

One thing is for sure, it has instilled good hand hygiene habits among millions worldwide. For years, health experts have been recommending regular handwashing to keep diseases at bay. Eighty percent of common infections are spread by hands. According to the Centre of Disease Control, washing your hands at least five times a day has been shown to significantly decrease the frequency of colds, influenza (the “flu”) and other infections.

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