Local pumpkin carving contests prizes awarded

The Port of Newcastle Neighbourhood Watch invited the community to enter their carved masterpieces to be judged on Sunday, November 1. Pictured from left to right: first place Terence Sorgenfrei; in second place Mikah Cowie; and in third place brothers Nathanial and Isaiah. Photos were supplied by the participants.

The Orono DBIA held a virtual pumpkin carving contest. Many thanks go out to Timothy Jackson who facilitated the contest. Pictured from left to right: 1st Place: Devyn Boricic with 34 likes and six comments. 2nd Place: Left to right Lucas 9 years (Pumpkin Face), Noah 3 years (T Rex), Carter 6 years (Iron Man) carved with help from Mommy, with 24 likes and reactions and five comments.
3rd Place: Alexander Hall with 19 likes and reactions.

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