Life lessons and a pandemic

A lot has changed in the last six months, and it likely won’t be going back to being completely normal anytime soon. I have been learning some life lessons and trying to reset priorities.

Prioritizing our relationships with family and friends. I think we should take a minute and appreciate what we are being given: a chance to reconnect and understand each other.

Life Lesson: The people closest to you deserve your time and attention, and vice versa. No more excuses for not having enough time to do so; we have enough technology at our fingertips to stay connected no matter what. For those who feel they can’t reach out to family, remember that family isn’t only a blood connection. So, find your people, your loved ones, and use this time to strengthen the bonds you do have.

Make health and wellness a priority.

Life lesson: Take care of yourself now so that your body and mind can fight for you later.

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