Let’s rally!

Okay Orono, it’s that time again – time to share the love. Winning the 2021 Kraft Hockeyville Grand prize is within our grasp – host to an NHL pre-season game and $250,000 for arena up-grades.

Built in 1977, our arena is in need of some expensive upgrades to keep the doors open. Like many of you, I have fond memories of skating in the ‘barn’ arena. Figure skating or playing hockey on cold winter days was often accompanied by snow coming through the roof. The year before being condemned the community came together making the necessary repairs to get one more season out of the old arena.

Orono Arena is in need of some big-ticket capital renovations that are crucial to ongoing operations. I’ve been told that a new Zamboni is needed at an approximate cost $100,000 and that is just the beginning.

The next big one, the cooling system that is under the concrete floor needs to be replaced. Orono Arena’s ice pad is well beyond their projected life expectancy of 32 years.

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