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Keeping safe at gramma’s house

James and Cody Armishaw are riding their bikes to collect the mail with their grandmother Karen O’Donnell of Newtonville. “We’re just getting the mail then going back down to Gramma’s house,” says Cody. O’Donnell is looking after her grandsons. “We’ve actually had them since March break,” she says with a laugh and a sigh. Her daughter is a nurse in Ajax-Pickering. “We had them for March break and then when we heard school wasn’t going back, I said, ‘Well they can stay here.’ There’s no sense in them paying a babysitter and my husband and I are retired. I just told her I thought they were safer here.” What do the boys do to keep busy? “Play on our tablets,” they say. O’Donnell adds, “They go online and do schoolwork that their teacher sends. And we try to get outside. And they do video chats with their mommy and daddy,” she adds.

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