Keeping local history alive

This past Saturday our community celebrated a significant piece of Orono’s history. Whether you call it ‘Buttercup Hollow’ or ‘Orono Park’ 100 years as Orono’s untapped treasure is pretty remarkable.

If you aren’t already aware, Saturday’s festivities were organized and executed by volunteers. The Orono Community Collective was at the helm for this milestone. Next year town hall board volunteers will take us back in time for the 125th anniversary of the Orono Town Hall. And of course, the big one – the Orono Fair, this year we are celebrating its 169th thanks to the hard work and dedication of volunteers.

On Saturday the Clarington Library, Museums and Archives had an amazing display that no doubt provided a trip down memory lane for some residents while opening up a whole new world for the younger generation and new residents.

Preserving the history of older towns is crucial and involving the younger generation in this effort is equally important. The history of a town is closely tied to its cultural identity and heritage. It reflects the values, traditions, and customs that have been passed down through generations. Without a connection to their history, younger generations might lose sight of their roots and the unique aspects that make their town special.

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