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June 14, 2023

Beware of Giant Hogweed – Giant Hogweed has become established in the Wilmot Creek watershed on private land upstream from the Crown Lands so we are continuing to be re-infected by seeds washing downstream. We have erected signs to warn people of the danger. The Ministry of Natural Resources (Aurora) have been spray-ing plants for the last few years so any sightings should be reported to them ([email protected]) and CC to Orono Crown Lands Trust (oronocrownlands7@gmail. com). It would help us if you encourage MNR to get a program in place so that the plants are sprayed early in the spring each year.

Sap from the plant combined with sunlight will cause severe blistering of the skin and possible blindness if it gets in your eyes. Your best defence is to stay on the marked trails. The plants grow in wet areas near the creek and are easily recognized by their distinctive leaves and hairy purple streaked stems even when they are very small. As with poison ivy, users of the forest should learn to recognize these plants so they can be avoided.

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