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It’s been almost three years since we moved the Orono Weekly Times office. As a reminder, I am in the space just to the left of the original office, beside Terrens. We’re not hard to miss – name in large print on the window and a sign jutting out perpendicular to the building. I get it, the paper had been in the same location for 85 years and old habits die hard – but those windows in the old office are not mine. We pay rent for this space and have nothing to do with the old office.

Why am I bringing this up you ask? To clarify any confusion and put the brakes on some idle chit-chat. It seems that someone spotted an election sign in the former Times’ office window assuming that the landlord put it there which gave the impression that I was endorsing her – which in turn, made me exasperated. This is false. Honestly, I didn’t give it much thought. Yes, it would have, but not my window folks. Her window, she can put up her sign if she wants.

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