You are currently viewing Honours abound at Clarke’s Commencement Ceremony

Honours abound at Clarke’s Commencement Ceremony

Branch 178 Of The Ladies’ Auxiliary Of The Royal Canadian Legion Award
Recipient: Anika Walters-Picov, Alicia Dimitrovskiin, Presenter: Joyce Shaw

Imagination Visual Arts Award
Recipient: Ella Wagenberg, Presenter: Steve Oliver

Kendal Lions Club Student Achievement Award
Recipient: Tatum Rogers, Presenter: Lion Marilyn Ransberry

Kendal Lions Club Mentorship/Peer Helping Award
Recipient: Paige Savage, Presenter: Lion Marilyn Ransberry

Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award
Recipient: Hunter Townson-Van Rooi, Presenter: Trustee Nyberg

Spirit of Clarke Award
Recipient: Rebecca Fitze, Presenter: Craig Morrison

The Orono Weekly Times Award
Recipient: Anika Walters-Picov, Presenter: Julie Cashin-Oster

Masonic Lodge Award
Recipients: Nathan Woolner, Ashlee Cryderman, Presenter: Landon Driskell

The Ken Davies Award
Recipient:  Ella Wagenberg, Presenter: Brian Gillan

Recipient: Kareena Chote, Presenter: Silvia Grdovic

Ted Vickery Memorial Award
Recipient: Abigail Hanks, Presenter: Peter Willems

Christine Abraham Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Paige Savage, Presenter: Trustee Abraham

Governor General’s Academic Award
Recipient: Adam Likogiannis, Presenter: Director Russo

Valedictorian Plaque
Recipient: Abigail Hanks, Presenter:  Silvia Grdovic


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