Heartbeat of Orono

I am not a resident of Orono, but I have been a near neighbour to the friendly little town for over 34 years, residing as I do in Newcastle. It’s just a short eight-minute drive up the 115 to get there. I have had the privilege of working in Orono for the past four years and have learned firsthand the legacy of community service that is passed down through the generations and the deep pride that the villagers take in their beloved town, and in their arena which has a proud history and an exciting present.

One of the amazing things about this town is that the population has remained relatively static for many years, with scant opportunities for growth for infrastructure reasons. Despite the small number of people there, they sponsor and host many events involving the surrounding rural communities; festivals, hockey tournaments, and the grandaddy of them all, the Orono Fair. At the heart of all this activity is the arena, located at 2 Princess Street. People driving along the 115 will see that facility with its extensive grounds first. In order to get into the town proper, they need to exit the highway.

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