Happy New Year

Resolutions – do you make them? Do you keep them?

At the beginning of each year we resolve to change an undesired trait or behaviour or to accomplish a personal goal, which in turn – we believe, will change our life.

According to “the internet”, only three in 10 Canadians will set a New Year’s resolution, and of those, 73 percent eventually break them. I think societal pressure to make New Year’s resolutions – is the culprit. The very word – resolution, means the act or process of finding a solution. Maybe, its the burden we place on ourselves to ‘fix’ something, is why so many resolutions go bust.

Every year – as many do, I set myself up with these lofty goals that are usually so unattainable. This year, as a New Year’s resolution, why not turn the focus on our planet. It’s not hard to find practical things that can be done to help the planet by reducing our own carbon footprint.

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