Happy New Year

Did you make any resolutions? I’ve got one.

I think it’s time I resolve my love hate relationship with social media. As do many of you, I have issues with the beast both personally and professionally.

Professionally, I really need to make my peace with always getting ‘photo-scooped’. Minutes, no seconds after an event, photos are popping up all over Facebook and Instagram. I hate that this drives me crazy. It really is pointless to be bothered by something you can not control. All I can do is carry-on, do what I do and continue to take hundreds of pictures in hopes that a few are different from what has been seen.

Images are gold. For a fleeting moment they grab attention and quickly tell the story. As a publisher of a community ‘print’ newspaper, I want people to see our posts on our [and other] social networks and then leave the social media platform in order to read our stories. And hopefully gain new subscribers. However, the goal of Facebook and other social media, has always been to keep you on their platforms.

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