Happy Holidays

It’s hard to believe – but, here we are, the last paper of 2020. It’s been a tough one. Although we have lost a lot – we have also gained a lot. The response to coronavirus has demonstrated the contribution that communities make to public health. It has come to light that community life is essential for health and wellbeing. Now more than ever we are aware of the value of social connections, neighbourliness, sense of be-longing, control, and mutual trust. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, communities have sprung into action. Neighbours are connecting and look-ing out for each other more than usual, informal support groups in local areas have organized ensuring no one is left behind. Our communities have shown and built their resilience repeatedly over the past year. With winter on the horizon, we can’t lose sight of the need to support the seldom heard, isolated and excluded individuals and communities. Hav-ing a strong community infrastructure and supportive social networks are factors that help communities withstand and adapt to shocks.

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