Happy 5th

It’s hard to believe that five years ago we published our first paper. It’s been an interesting ride.

If money wasn’t a part of the equation the paper would be huge and everyone would get it for free. But that is not my reality. It costs money – print costs, postage, creative… We have lost so many community newspapers over the last two decades and having a pandemic tossed into the mix did not help. Advertising is our main source of revenue – but thanks to [who will not be named] that has declined.

I love my job. But you all know that. What I don’t enjoy is having to defend the relevance of a local, independently published, community newspaper. Community newspapers focus on hyper-local news that affects residents directly. We cover events, issues, and developments that might not receive attention from larger media outlets. This localized approach creates a strong bond with the community, as people feel connected to the stories that directly impact their lives.

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