Halloween reflections

In a blink of an eye, it’s the end of October. A quick visit to Kirby Church Books sparked a very vibrant spell of déjà vu.

I had been in the church when I was younger, when it still offered worship services. The first time I was in the decommissioned Kirby Church was when I was on the Clarington Museums Board of Directors. This was when the museum and the community were fundraising to move the church across the highway to a new forever home beside the Kirby School House. The used book sale – at the time, was one of the fundraising efforts.

The board met monthly. For a change, we decided to meet at the Clarke Museum, but first, a brief tour of the Kirby Church. It was fall. Daylight savings had kicked in…and a storm was brewing. As we walked in through the basement, I felt a cold shiver pass through me. It was very strange. I knew we weren’t alone.

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