Greenbelt Converation

Many portions of the Greenbelt are owned by private individuals, farms, and businesses, the majority of the lands are owned by The National Capital Commission (NCC) which is the federal Crown corporation. Landowners are subject to the regulations and restrictions imposed by the Greenbelt Plan, which limits certain types of development and land use.

Some municipalities within the Greenbelt own and manage land within their boundaries. They play a role in enforcing Greenbelt regulations and ensuring that development aligns with the Greenbelt Plan. Conservation authorities in Ontario may own and manage land within the Greenbelt, particularly in areas designated for conservation or environmental protection.

The Ontario government also owns and manages land within the Greenbelt. They have a vested interest in preserving the natural and agricultural heritage of the region. The provincial government established the Greenbelt Plan in 2005, which sets out the policies and regulations governing land use within the Greenbelt.

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