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Around this time, after an election and post passing the current budget, we can look forward to the development of Clarington’s Strategic Plan that will take us through the next four years.

What is a Strategic Plan? A strategic plan is a document used to communicate with the organization the organization’s goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals and all of the other critical elements developed during the planning exercise.

A municipal strategic plan provides council and staff with a common focus, priorities, outcomes and strategies to be pursued – while keeping council and the administration on the same page. It provides direction for departmental plans and budgets. It is a key component of accountability.

Strategic planning is a tool the municipality can use to involve the community in assisting council and staff in the development of a common vision, direction and goals for a community. Clarington is engaging the community by seeking input through an on-line survey to assist in the development of Clarington’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan.

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