Frustration for condo owners

If you have gone to Tim Horton’s in Newcastle you are familiar with Brookhouse Gate – the condo next door to the south. Last week a flyer was passed around the neighbourhood by an owner of one of the units titled 21 Brookhouse Drive “The Golden Eyesore”.

In August 2020 I interviewed a couple, owners of one of the condo units. They were tired of hitting a brick wall every time they tried to get answers. Originally reaching out earlier in the year – they decided to wait it out for a bit hoping things would get done. They had moved into the building in November 2019. The major problems then: no landscaping, including all the promised amenities in the little park area in the back – which included a putting green, a running track around the park area, a gazebo and barbeques. There were concerns regarding the roof of the garage – which leaked, and it would have to be fixed before they finished the landscaping.

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