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From a gentle lady’s closet

These dresses are on display at the Newcastle Historical Society in the community hall in Newcastle. The white dress on the left belonged to Olive Wilmot. Leslie Wilson from the historical Society tells us “the white dress with the green trim, on the left was once (in 1902) more colourful than it is today. It was the type of dress worn by well to do women during the day around the house or to take afternoon tea on the lawn.” The black and white, on the right, is believed to have belonged to Ms. Wilmot as well. The pink peignoir set might also have been Olive’s. But the Society “believes they may have been gifts from Olive to her sister Minnie Galbraith.” This interesting display can be viewed at the Newcastle Village and District Historical Society located in the Newcastle Community Hall, Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 9:30 to noon.

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