Count your blessings

Is Blue Monday really a thing? Generally reported as fall-ing on the third Monday in January, for 2021 it was two days ago – January 18. Concocted as a marketing ploy, Blue Monday was said “to be the most depressing day of the year.” A UK travel company, Sky Travel, published the concept in a 2005 press release claiming they calculated the date using an ‘equation’. Curious? The formula used to determine the most depress-ing day of the year: [W+(D-d)]TQ /MxNa

With: W = Weather forcast; (Dd) = debt (difference in debts contracted during the holiday season with the effective re-placement capacity before the next payday), T = time elapsed since Christmas; Q = time elapsed since our resolutions New Year’s Day; M = Lack of motivation; Na = need to act.

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