Climate change, are we still in a haze of denial?

It is understandable that we are focused on the cost of living now, but as we get closer to the June 2 provincial election, please remember that our very lives and the lives of our children depend on a healthy planet.

Planet Earth is warm enough to sustain life thanks to the greenhouse gases in the planet’s atmosphere that hold heat. Appropriately named, these gases trap heat inside the plan-et’s atmosphere, making the average temperature on Earth 57 degrees Fahrenheit (13.9 degrees Celsius). Humans have increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by about 35 percent. The more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the warmer the average temperature gets.

While the atmosphere warms, the climate changes and so does the weather. We see it, even experience it. More frequent and more intense storms, flooding, droughts, heat waves, and even extreme snowfalls are all evident. Climate change means that catastrophic flooding will only become more common.

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