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Chin waggin’ on Lakeshore Road

It’s a rare occasion to see hard working farmer Bill Lake sitting a spell. But on a recent sunny September day, local Walt Gibson (of the Gibson Orchards family) was lucky enough to jaw awhile with his good friend at Bill’s famous vegetable stand, which has been up and running for nearly thirty years. One wonders what their topics of discussion might be? The 50-kilometre speed limit on Lakeshore Road? How to grow the best apples? Politics? Bill has been farming since he was thirteen years of age. Now, with seventy-five years of experience in the field, Bill Lake is a warehouse full of knowledge about growing good sustainable food. The stand holds a fine display of Bill’s famously delicious tomatoes, just calling out to be made into pasta sauce or soup, or sliced fresh for a sandwich or salad. His older varieties of apple, pear and plum trees provide products with a distinctive flavour reminiscent of bygone days.

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