All eyes are on public Facebook groups

“Many believe that Facebook is having a negative impact on society,” claimed a headline I recently came across. Do you think?

A huge culprit – public Facebook Groups. Open for the world to see. Misinformation, bullying, rants…what a wonderful first impression of a community or group. It is unfortunate that many people that belong to such groups have little or no personal connection, they just like to stir things up.


Grassroots at its finest

This issue of the Orono Weekly Times marks our one-year anniversary of taking over the paper. In my first editorial on August 15, 2018 I wrote: ‘I do believe that local newspapers are the heart and soul of our community.’ I had a direction I wanted the paper to take – and although it’s not quite there yet, I feel I have been true to my goal.

During our summer break I attended the second Town Hall meeting, in Tyrone, regarding the proposed rezoning of rural land in Clarington – the Zone Clarington Project. Since the first meeting in Kendal, the group has become more organized. Under the name Rezoning Clarington, they have formed a strategy committee and a working committee.


Extinction? Say it ain’t so…

I came across something interesting the other day. And yes, it was on the internet. It was posted in 2014 “When Will Newspapers Become Extinct?” Curious, I couldn’t resist the click.

That prediction comes from The Future Exploration Network’s research on the future of media. According to the research, newspapers as we know them will be extinct across the entire globe by 2040. By 2025, they predict newspapers will be extinct in nearly 20 countries around the world:

2017: United States
2019: United Kingdom and Iceland
2020: Canada and Norway
2021: Finland, Singapore, and Greenland
2022: Australia and Hong Kong
2023: Denmark
2024: New Zealand, Spain, Czech, and Taiwan
2025: Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland


Look twice before you lock

Your car beeps if you leave a door open. It beeps if you try to lock it with the keys in the car. Why has it taken so long to beep if you have left something – or more importantly someone, in the back seat?

Sunday, July 15 – a mother is facing charges after Durham police say she left her eight-month-old baby boy in a hot car at the Oshawa Centre. He was in the car for at least 45 minutes and officers had to break the window to get him out. He was lethargic and was taken to hospital for observation, but police say he’s doing well. A 32-year-old Bowmanville woman has been charged with abandoning a child under 10.


Acid rain – still a thing

The other day when I was out trying to resurrect my slowly fading garden, I noticed the lawn. The grass was slowly fading, attempting to survive in very hard cracking dirt. And for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the last time we had any significant rainfall?

That got me thinking… with all the talk of climate change and global warming, what ever happened to acid rain? Thirty years ago, it was all anyone could talk about. Is acid rain still something we should be worrying about?

Yes, acid rain is still around – and yes, it’s still a problem. It’s just a bit less of a problem.