If it’s there, it will be found

Those of us who did not grow up with the internet and did not have access to social media until we were already well into building our careers, should not be so quick to dismiss that nothing can come back to haunt us.

Whether good, bad, or ugly, the pages that pop up when your name is entered into that search bar can influence what others think about you. If anyone wants to know anything about you, they’re heading to Google. It doesn’t seem to matter that it’s taken out of context or only half the story is posted – there are those who think it must be true – ‘it’s on the internet’. At the very least, be aware of what images of you are out there.


Here we GO again

The first glimmer of the GO Train being extended to Bow-manville came in 2004, when the GO Board approved the purchase of 13.5 acres north and south of the rail corridor in the Bowmanville West Town Centre area for the future GO Station. In 2006, GO developed the northern part for a Park and Ride facility.

Fast forward to June 2016 – good news, in 2024 GO Train service was slated to begin along 20 kilometres of track east of Oshawa along the Lakeshore East GO train line. Then Premier Kathleen Wynne, made the announcement at the site of the future GO train station on Martin Road in Bowmanville, behind Shoppers Drug Mart.

Then we had an election.


They’re off

And…here we go. As we head into campaigning for the June 2 provincial election, as of May 2 municipal candidates can file their nomination paperwork for the October 25 municipal election.

At press time the following have registered. Candidates running for the office of Mayor: Adrian Foster and KPR School Board Trustees: Cathy Abraham and Kyle Fehr. There is an advantage to declaring early, the campaign period begins when the clerk has received an individual’s nomination.

For some, municipal politics is to get experience – a steping stone to provincial or federal opportunities. For others, they want what is best for their community and feel they can be of service.

Indeed, it is early days, but the hot topics are: taxes; high speed internet to rural areas; taxes; affordable housing; taxes; services for seniors; taxes; jobs; taxes; transit – Durham Region and GO; taxes; balancing growth while keeping our small-town feel; environmental protection and rezoning; on farm diversified uses – all very important, and taxes.


Climate change, are we still in a haze of denial?

It is understandable that we are focused on the cost of living now, but as we get closer to the June 2 provincial election, please remember that our very lives and the lives of our children depend on a healthy planet.

Planet Earth is warm enough to sustain life thanks to the greenhouse gases in the planet’s atmosphere that hold heat. Appropriately named, these gases trap heat inside the plan-et’s atmosphere, making the average temperature on Earth 57 degrees Fahrenheit (13.9 degrees Celsius). Humans have increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by about 35 percent. The more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the warmer the average temperature gets.

While the atmosphere warms, the climate changes and so does the weather. We see it, even experience it. More frequent and more intense storms, flooding, droughts, heat waves, and even extreme snowfalls are all evident. Climate change means that catastrophic flooding will only become more common.


Small is good

I am not ashamed to admit as I watched the skating carnival last Saturday my eyes teared up a couple – ok a few times. The theme this year was – Challenge, Change, Conquer – A Celebration of Perseverance. Despite these past two crazy years the Orono Figure Skating Club rose to the challenge and in a short time put together an amazing show.

Elliot Rutherford opened the show fearlessly and brilliantly singing O Canada. You could feel the arena fill with pride watching the parade of champions. But honestly, that opening. Forty-four Starskaters, that’s Starskate 1 through 6/7, took to the ice and WOW. With every stride these skaters always work together. Not only can you see the love and respect, you can feel it.



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