One step closer

Metrolinx is making progress towards extending GO Rail service from Oshawa to Bowmanville.

“Expanding GO Rail service east of Oshawa will make it easier for Durham residents to get to work, school, and play, and back home to their loved ones,” said Lindsey Park, MPP for Durham at the February 13 announcement. “Today’s update means we are another step closer to making this a reality. Once the recommended alignment is approved by the Metrolinx Board, I will be pressing the Ontario government to get this project funded and built.”


Rescue, rehabilitate and release is the goal of SCWR

The crow jumped up on a branch close to the fence and said something. Stephanie MacEwan, founder of Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue, whispered “Did you hear him? He said, “I love you.” His name is Salem and he has an orthotic issue, but he loves the ladies. He has a friend, Zazu who with his one wing, checks you out from his perch just above Salem, who is the more assertive.


It’s a GO! Maybe…

Not to be a skeptic…but, I will believe it when the construction starts.

The first glimmer of the GO Train being extended to Bowmanville came in 2004, when the GO Board approved the purchase of 13.5 acres north and south of the rail corridor in the Bowmanville West Town Centre area for the future GO Station. In 2006, GO developed the northern part for a Park and Ride facility.

Fast forward to June 2016 – good news, in 2024 GO Train service was slated to begin along 20 kilometres of track east of Oshawa along the Lakeshore East GO train line. Then Premier Kathleen Wynne, made the announcement at the site of the future GO train station on Martin Road in Bowmanville, behind Shoppers Drug Mart.


THIS WEEK IN CANADIAN HISTORY: Remembering the Avro Arrow

Sixty-one years ago, this week, Canada stood poised on the brink of superior jet technology, having designed, built and test-flown the CF -105, known forever to its fans in Canada as the Avro Arrow. This was a true Canadian marvel, all Canadian technology that was ten years or more ahead of any other plane in the world at that time.


Orono Valentine Skate 2020

Skate Ontario
STAR 1-4 Series
February 14-16, 2020
Orono Arena & Community Centre

1. Evangeline McBride, STAR 2 Girls Group 5

2. Payton Stockwell, STAR 2 Girls, Group 6

3. Ava Boundy, STAR 4 Girls, U13 Group 3

4. Avery Johnson, STAR 4 Girls, U13 Group 3

5. Mary-Catherine Connolly, STAR 3 Girls Group 4

6. Avery Rutherford, STAR 3 Girls Group 5

Congratulations to all the girls who participated.


Budget time

The Municipality of Clarington has released its 2020 Draft Budget to Council and taxpayers. The budget increase represents a 1.83% increase in tax levy from the 2019 budget.