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Monday night was the last council meeting of the current sitting council. With four weeks until the virtual polls open, campaigns will start to ramp up. Do you know your local candidates? You may or may not see candidates at your door. Door to door canvassing seems to be a thing of the past.

For a few weeks now many people have been asking if I have heard of any local debates. Nothing until about a week ago when I got an email inviting me to a mayor’s debate being held at the Tyrone Community Centre on October 13. Wonderful, for the four vying for the top job.

Debates among competing electoral candidates are important. Sure ‘Meet and Greets’ are a way for constituents to ask questions and get to know their candidates, but they are usually hosted by a candidate, on their turf. It’s highly unlikely their challenger [or challengers] will be there and usually attendees are supporters anyway.

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