Are you up for a challenge?

Do you aspire to be a local politician? Well, this may be your year. Nomination Day has moved to August 19, 2022, for the 2022 Municipal Elections. Nominations open May 1, 2022. Now is the time to start doing your homework.

On the top of your list should be the 2022 Budget. Honestly, there is nothing more off putting than a municipal elected official who has no clue as to where the money comes from and where the money is spent. No, sorry I lied. When it comes to budget time the worst is a politician who hasn’t the vaguest notion on how much money is needed to efficiently and effectively maintain the municipality.

This brings me to research. If you haven’t already started, live-stream current and watch archived videos of council and committee meetings. Learn the political landscape – the primary issues that prevail in Clarington and how the existing council responds to it. Research areas of importance and become more involved in the activities of the community.

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