Apple Festival at the Clarington Farmer’s Market

Stapleton farms traditionally have the largest table at the Newcastle Farmers Market. This year is no exception as they show and sell their vast array of fruits and vegetables. The growing season, although different from most years, has been good for our local farmers as witnessed by the abundance of fresh produce. Here we see Melanie Stapleton helping Shaima Gulistani with her decision about how much corn to buy.

Brian Allin, Cameron Townsend and Kyle Allin agree they had a great year and were able to produce and pack a variety of red very juicy apples ready for market on Sunday.

Michael Longarini from Second Season Farm had a good year. Now at the end of the season, people are thinking about the fall and have bought extra things- like tons of fresh garlic and things they can store.”

Robin Boudreault from Tallboots Farm reports they had a great year, with repeat customers as well as new ones. “The black raspberries were particularly good this year because the rain came at exactly the right time.”

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