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AMP Music Recital showcases future stars

Local [and Nashville resident] singer, songwriter and teacher Alexa Goldie held the 7th Annual AMP Music Recital at the Newcastle Community Hall Monday Night. Fifteen talented young performers delighted the audience. Front row (LtoR): Lexi McCarthy (ABCDE piano); Lilah McCarthy (Never Ever Getting Back Together guitar); Skylar Fagan (Stitches vocals); Olivia Mullins (World’s Smallest Violin vocals); Pippa Luciano (Into the Unknown piano); Norah Prescott-Smith (Believer piano); Violet Brown (Bohemian Rhapsody piano) and Tori Coombs (Gotta Catch’Em All piano). Back row (LtoR): Emery Ibbotson (Faded piano); Isabelle Landry (Runaway piano); Westlyn Whelan (Like My Father vocals); Erin Gardiner (The Rose Song vocals); Gracie MacLean (Speechless vocals); Alexa Goldie, Lyla Whelan (Haunted vocals) and Alexa McCauley (Young and Beautiful vocals/piano).

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