You are currently viewing Al Michael’s legacy continues to bring joy to travellers

Al Michael’s legacy continues to bring joy to travellers

Photo by Gil Goldstein

For over twenty-five years, travellers along scenic Lakeshore Road between Newcastle and Port Hope were delighted to come across “Hollyhock Lane,” the stretch of majestic multi-coloured hollyhocks planted by Al Michael. A number of years back, Al explained his purpose of the plantings: “One is because of the beauty of the flowers; two is because they are a feast for the eyes; three, because they help the lost soul to find its way; four, because they free the incarcerated heart; five, they mend the broken wings of the spirit.” To keep alive his wonderful legacy, his family have carried on the tradition, rewarding passersby this year with a delightful display of colour and form. Pictured here: Al’s daughter Tammy, Al’s wife Kitty, and granddaughters Carlie and Jayda. Granddaughter Danielle was also part of planting the tribute garden but is absent from the photo.

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