Aging gracefully

As the calendar relentlessly marches forward, I find my-self standing at the precipice of a new decade—60. In the grand scheme of life, 60 is often heralded as a milestone, a juncture where wisdom and experience converge. However, as I grapple with the reality of this numerical landmark, I must confess that the journey towards 60 has been a tumultuous one, fraught with a mix of nostalgia, apprehension, and an undeniable sense of loss.

Turning 60 is undoubtedly a significant chapter in the book of life. It’s a period when one is expected to embrace the accumulated knowledge and cherish the moments that have shaped a well-lived existence. Yet, for me, this milestone seems to carry the weight of unfulfilled dreams and missed opportunities. The reflection on the past, rather than being a source of solace, has become a haunting spectre, whispering of paths not taken and aspirations left unexplored.

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