Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why advertise in the Orono Weekly Times?
As the newspaper of record in the area for over 75 years, our readers continue to subscribe to the paper
for our coverage of all the local news and events. The Orono Weekly Times gets into the homes of our
reader through Canada Post.

2. Where are Orono Weekly Times readers located?
The Orono Weekly Times has subscribers all across Clarington, with the majority residing in the former
Clarke Township (Newcastle, Orono, Kirby, Kendal, Leskard and Newtonville). We have a circulation of
over 1,000 for the Regular Edition and a circulation of 4,500 households for our Newcastle Edition.

3. Who will your advertisements reach?
Our readership is diverse, the majority being 35 years and older. Parents, grandparents, garden clubs,
sports teams, school clubs and the farming community all read our paper.

4. Will my advertisement be lost with the pages of the Orono Weekly Times?
Your advertisement will be noticed in the newspaper as the Orono Weekly Times has a balance between
articles, opinion pieces and advertisements.

5. What is the Newcastle Edition of the Orono Weekly Times?
Once a month, the Orono Weekly Times publishes a special Newcastle Edition of the newspaper which
is delivered to each household in Newcastle and to all our subscribers for combined circulation of 4,500

6. How do I get my advertisement to the Orono Weekly Times?
You can call, email or submit your ad details below by Monday noon for Wednesday’s publication.

7. What size of advertisement do I need?
The Orono Weekly Times wants to help you grow your business. We have standard sizes for advertisements
(see below), but we can accommodate any ad size you wish to have.

8. How much extra does it cost for the Orono Weekly Times to create my ad?
Nothing at all. Our professional graphics department will happily create your advertisement at no cost
to you.

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Please note: All ads must be submitted no later than 8:00 am on the Tuesday before the issue you wish to run the ad in.


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