You are currently viewing A welcome donation to Clarington Hospice from CNL

A welcome donation to Clarington Hospice from CNL

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has very kindly donated $5,000 to Hospice Clarington on behalf of and recommended by their Ontario employees. This quite an unique donation. It was a 2021-2022 performance reward and the charity was selected by the local CNL staff. Susan Bailie, CNL Port Hope Team member and Newcastle resident, was excited to support a charity close to home. Pictured in back from left: Kirk Kemp, Leo Blindenbach, Jackie Nixon and Charles Ewert, DR Hospice-Clarington board members; and in front from left: Susan Bailie, CNL, Marian Timmermans, DR Hospice-Clarington board member, and Shernette Muccuth Henry, CNL Communications.

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