A memorable four years at Clarke

I’m not gonna lie, some weeks editorials are hard. Mostly because I’m so busy with writing stories, photos, editing, delivering, picking up the paper, invoicing [and other ‘business’ chores] that before I know it it’s Monday night and all I have is bits and pieces.

I went to Clarke High School’s graduation last Wednesday afternoon. There were 34 graduates this year, 15 students Ontario Scholars. Well done!

I graduated from Clarke in 1981 – and although it doesn’t feel like 42 years have past, it does not feel like ‘just yesterday’. While life may be easier in some aspects, noting the level of technological advancement, we didn’t have the same challenges and pressures faced by high school students today, such as social media influence that has also emerged in the digital age.

In 1981, personal computers were not yet common, and the internet was in its infancy. By 2023, technology has become an integral part of education. Students now have access to powerful computers, internet connectivity, and a wide range of digital tools and resources. The use of technology for learning, research, and communication is pervasive in schools today.

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