A case for conversation

I did the craziest thing last week. And you know what? I enjoyed it so much, that I did it again, twice. I might just do it more often. I made an actual social – non work related, archaic phone call.

Texting has contributed to the lost art of talking on the phone. Texting is not a conversation. When there is no voice, there is no originality. You can’t copy and paste a telephone conversation. A phone conversation is one of a kind. It is a wildly rare and fabulously distinct jewel shared only by two people.

When there is no talking, there is no listening.

Be honest, do you really read texts. Or just skim them? And does a simple “lol” or “I get that” work as a sufficient response, depending on the gist of the conversation. You can’t skim a phone conversation. When you pay half atten-tion during a phone conversation the person on the other end is quick to call you out. “Are you listening? Okay, then what did I just say?” You won’t have the luxury of scrolling up the screen to find your answer.

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